Inset BI

Inset BI is a web-based visualization engine to display your business insights in the form of dashboards consisting of graphs and maps, to make data easier for the human brain.

Inset BI

Whether you want to test and validate your AI models or track business KPIs, Inset BI provides a web-based visualization and business intelligence engine to create custom dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables.

Web-based Validation

Inset BI also provides web-based validation and verification (V&V) engine. Whether you need to verify the outcomes from the automation engine or work through the correction of anomalies, Inset BI provides an intuitive web-based platform to manage your V&V workflow.

Ready To Embrace The Future

If you are working on a data engineering or AI solution, trying to explore a use case, or building a proof-of-concept, please contact us for a one-on-one discussion.