Logistics & Supply Chain

Realtime visibility of 17000 buses plying across different cities.

Supply Chain Visibility

A consumer goods manufacturer used Momentum to ingest data from 1800 distributors across different regions. This allowed the stakeholders to get real-time insight into their supply chain positions, accurately forecast demand and supply levels. This also provided secondary and tertiary sales visibility to the principal.

This was a challenging integration due to the fact that these distributors use different ERP systems and homegrown software, including excel. Momentum was able to aggregate, process, and visualize KPIs, real-time stats, and actionable forecasts.

Some of the key insights include:

visibility into realtime closing stock position across the distribution channels.

Machine learning based dynamic buffer management that helps identifying target inventory levels of each item to ensure there is never lack of supplies.

Realtime visibility of 17000 buses plying across different cities.

A GCC Government utilized the power of Momentum to ingest realtime streaming data from IoT devices installed on 17000 buses used to transport travellers across cities. The buses were transmitting data every second to Momentum.

Machine learning based models were utilized to predict any scheduling delay and identify any anomalies. A realtime dashboard at the Command and Control Center provided actionable insight so that they could intervene to prevent delays, inform the drivers in advance about any detours, or detect any route deviation.

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