Impulse is a blazing fast data warehousing solution for real-time analytics

Impulse data warehouse


Impulse is a columnar database that enables fast ad-hoc analytics and instant data visibility with high concurrency.

Impulse is a highly scalable, fault tolerant, cluster based enterprise grade technology that powers analytics involving large volume of data where both speed and cost matter the most.

Depending on the data size, Impulse can run on a single machine or scale to a cluster having multiple machines. 

The browser based management console allows enterprise users to ingest data to create indexes, execute ad-hoc queries, or manage roles and permissions in a highly secure way.

Using a standard JDBC driver, Impulse can be integrated with BI tools to display analytics dashboards. 

Restful web service APIs allow to perform ad-hoc queries and get results in multiple formats, such as csv and json.


Integrates with Momentum to ingest data from a wide variety of sources and at scale. Automated data ingestion into the warehouse.

Web based management console to manage warehouse, upload data and share with team.

Security management, roles, permissions, and sharing of warehouse and tables at various granular levels.

Integrates with third party BI and visualization tools, such as Tableau and Qlik.

Benchmarking Results

Billion Rows
Second Query Time
% Cost Reduction