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Rapidly develop end-to-end AI solutions without writing code

Momentum is a suite of software platforms that enables data engineers, scientists and analysts to efficiently solve machine learning problems and automate business processes.

Momentum is a software platform

that automates AI development by ingesting data from multiple sources and easily transforming them for training machine learning models. The generated AI output or insights can be visualized using fully integrated web-based BI engine, Momentum Insight. One single platform does it all — from data ingestion to model training to visualization.-
Momentum save on an average of 50% of AI development time.

Momentum is an integrated suite of platforms to automate all phases of AI solution development.

The following 4 platforms provide toolkits to develop end-to-end enterprise AI solutions.

Momentum Connect

Perform enterprise scale ETL and exchange data between systems.

Momentum AI

Automate machine learning and AI model training with an intuitive UI and without writing code.

Momentum Automate

Automate business processes and deploy AI models with drag and drop and intuitive UI.

Momentum Insight

Monitor and track KPIs and visualize AI outcomes in the form of graphs and charts on dashboards.

Supercharge your AI development with Momentum

What can you do with Momentum?


From all RDBMS, NoSQL, delimited, text, pdf, image, video, audio, sensor, satellite, Restful, medical image, S3, Google Cloud, Dropbox, and more.​


Highly scalable, simple, UI based engine to transform, merge, join, blend and filter all your data from multiple sources at scale and speed.​

Data Pipeline​

Automate data ingestion, transformation, processing and exchange by building customized pipeline to work with data in realtime, scheduled or batch mode.​

ML & AI​

With no-coding AI platform, perform automated feature engineering, train AI models and deploy them production.​

Computer Vision​

Train and deploy image and video-based classification, object detection, and facial recognition models. Use pretrained and customize OCR/ICR models.​


Use or train models for language modeling, text summarization, POS, NER, sentiment analysis, document similarity and more.​


Create digital workforce by automating repetitive tasks. Utilize AI models to build complex business process automation using UI driven approach.​


Visualize AI outcomes, monitor and track KPIs using intuitive web-based dashboard with graphs and charts. Perform validation and verification with customizable workflow.​

How Momentum benefits a company to become AI driven?

Break data silos

Aggregate data from all data sources and create data lake.

Accelerated AI

Automated machine learning saves time and cost of AI implementation.

Leverage on existing staff

Your existing IT/software staff can be trained to build and deploy AI models – no data science skill required.

Enhance data scientists productivity

Streamline and automate data wrangling to let data scientists stay focused on improving model accuracy.

Empower analysts

Business analysts can develop domain specific AI solutions and powerful decision support dashboard without depending on IT.

End-to-end AI

Automate end to end from data acquisition, transformation, modeling to insight visualization without paying for addition third party ETL or BI tools.

Momentum components and architecture for versatility and scale

Start small and scale big with Momentum

Momentum is a cluster technology that scales as your data size and processing needs increase. Momentum can be deployed on cloud, such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix/Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Momentum can also be deployed on premise in private cloud or data center.