Healthcare AI Models

We have identified some critical needs in healthcare and developed AI models to cater to those needs. These models are ready to deploy to production.

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Momentum makes ETL of healthcare data at scale faster and cost effective

Momentum AI for Healthcare

Healthcare data are complex. Momentum has several plugins to pull and process healthcare data at scale.

To make the ETL easy Momentum supports the following types of parsers and processors for healthcare data:

  • CCD/CDA parser to process structured XML based CDA documents at scale
  • Distributed OCR to extract textual contents from scanned documents
  • DCM client that enables integration with PACS and pull radiological images from PACS systems
  • X12 parsers to process claims data at scale
  • Direct integration to receive Direct messages from EHR systems
  • HL7 parsers for lab data

Computer vision and deep learning based solutions

Pneumonia prediction from chest x-rays
Cardiovascular disease from radiology images
Myopia prediction
Myopia Prediction
Appointment no-show prediction

Risk score and comorbidity analysis for preventive care