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Momentum AI

End-to-end AI platform to automate data ingestion, transformation, machine learning, computer vision and visualization.

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Banking Automation with Momentum AI

Deep learning based ICR, OCR and NLP technologies extract handwritten and typed texts from scanned documents, and automate processes enabling banks to save up to 50% on their operating cost.





• Automation of check clearing

• Instrument processing with OCR/ICR

• Day-book validation and reconciliation.

• Automated content extraction

• Integrate with third party system

• Publish to CBS & CTS

• Automated content extraction

• Signature matching

• Publish to CTS

End-to-end eKYC process automation


Integrates with Core Banking System (CBS) and Cheque Truncation System (CTS)

Customizable workflow with web based UI for management and quality

Configurable rule engine to adhere to bank specific processing needs

Highly scalable to support 1000s of bank branches to centralize the processing


Improved fraud prevention

Improved regulatory compliance

Increased operational efficiency

Decreased error

Momentum Powered Industry Use Cases

Our customers have deployed Momentum powered AI solutions in several industries.

Finance and Banking

Automate banking process
Predict real estate mortgage status


With the power of computer vision, predict health risks from radiology images.

Oil and Gas

Predict parts failure and prevent unplanned shutdowns using AI.

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