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Momentum IoT

Momentum supports connecting IoT devices securely. Millions of devices can securely send streams of data to Momentum via streaming hub. The incoming streams of data are analyzed in realtime and insight can be either stored within momentum or sent to external storage systems. Analyzed data can be displayed within Momentum Insight in the form of dashboard.

Momentum IoT Reference Architecture


Why Momentum IoT

  • Per device level security
  • Massive scalability – millions of concurrent devices
  • Batch analytics for machine learning model development
  • Realtime stream analytics
  • Smart alerts

Applications of Momentum IoT

Smart Street

Sensors from street lights send streams of data to Momentum which predicts lights dimming schedule. This saves about 45% of energy cost.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Improve manufacturing efficiency by connecting sensors and devices to Momentum and analyzing them in realtime.

Develop predictive analytics and smart alerts to effectively perform preventive maintenance of machines and equipment and save cost and prevent downtime.

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