AI in Retail

Ready-to-deploy AI in Retail

Most retailers today collect endless stream of data about their customers, merchants, transactions, and supply chain. Managing this enormous amount of data and deriving meaningful insights from them could be a complex and expensive exercise.

Momentum provides a platform for retailers to manage this infinite stream of data and develop analytics to gain competitive advantage. All of these can be achieved without much programming and in a fraction of time and cost.

Some example analytics developed using Momentum:


Supply Chain

  • Inventory optimization
  • Vendor performance analytics
  • Warehouse space optimization
  • Stock movement analytics

Customer Analytics

  • Customer experience enhancement across multiple channels such as campaigns, calls, emails, contact center, online, mobile phones
  • Customer sentiment analysis using social media data and contact center data
  • Call center analytics
  • Loyalty program analysis
  • Customer churn analysis
  • Life time value and personalization


  • Product placement and layouts
  • Stock management
  • Promotions and mark downs
  • Price optimization

Next Steps...

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