AI in Oil and Gas

Prevent oil well downtime with Momentum AI

Parts failure prediction for preventive maintenance

Dynamometer card shapes

Momentum Predicts Dynamometer Card Shapes

We have developed AI models that predicts the shapes of dynamometer card. The shapes of dynamometer card tells what the health of well operation looks like and what the impact on production is.

Parts Failure Prediction for Preventive Maintenance

Our predictive model is trained to identify parts that are likely to fail so that:

  1. Plan for preventive maintenance
  2. Avoid well downtime
  3. Make sure replacement parts are available else order them in advance
  4. Identify failure trends
  5. Geo-locate failed wells
Parts failure

Ready-to-use models for the following analytics for oil and gas

Downhole Analytics

  • Rod failure
  • Pump failure
  • Tubing Failure
  • Casing Failure
  • Formation Issues

Surface Analytics

  • Pump Jack Part Failure
  • Flow line Failures
  • Chemical Loss
  • Gas Meter
  • Wellhead / Flow line Pressures

Gas Wells

  • Plunger lift performance
  • Tubing or Packer failure

Derived Analytics

  • Machine Learning Patterns
  • Warranty to Part Failure Comparison
  • Effect of Weather as Sub Factor
  • Effect of Operational Parameters as  Sub Factor
  • Additional Detected Patterns, etc

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