AI Solutions

AI Solutions

AI in Healthcare

Healthcare is complex and so are the healthcare systems and data. In a typical healthcare enterprise, there are several systems that work in silos. There is a need to bring data from multiple healthcare systems to develop meaningful AI solutions so that healthcare is efficient and cost-effective.


AI in Oil & Gas

Momentum has a deep learning based ready-to-use AI model to predict the shape of surface card at least 16 hours in advance. This allows oil and gas engineers to understand the health of the pump and be prepared for any preventive maintenance. In addition, there are several value added analytics including parts failure are available as ready-to-use AI models.


AI in Insurance

Insurance is a data driven business. Momentum has a wide range of pre-trained models to detect anomalies, identify frauds, determine compliance gaps, or simply provide chatbot to customer service.


AI in Retail

Most retailers today collect an endless stream of data about their customers, merchants, transactions, and supply chain. Managing this enormous amount of data and deriving meaningful insights from them could be a complex and expensive exercise.

Momentum provides a platform for retailers to manage this infinite stream of data and develop analytics to gain competitive advantage. All of these can be achieved without much programming and in a fraction of time and cost.



AI in Sales and Marketing

  • Recommendation engine
  • Customer segmentation
  • Upsale and cross sale
  • Campaign analytics and ROI optimization
  • Real-time access to coupons based on personalization
  • Social media analytics
  • Social media marketing and ROI optimization