What's Biztream?

Biztream is a social media analytics platform that enables organizations to build, interpret, and use metrics to gain actionable insights from social media content, uncover customer sentiment, predict customer actions, build brand, generate sales leads and reach out to potential customers.

Biztream is a socially intelligent solution that turns keywords into magnets to find, engage, and amplify within social media.
Powered by machine learning and AI algorithms.

How It Works?

Biztream monitors your keywords across social media, applies AI and NLP to determine sentiments, identifies leads, and draws key business metrics.



People who share your interests or need what you offer



With people who is looking for what you offer



Your messages to millions of people

Drive results without paying for ads!

9 million visitors to a film website in 3 months
Helped hospital overcome negative press when nursing student committed suicide

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