AI Product

AI Product


Momentum is a platform to rapidly deploy AI solutions. Momentum allows to ingest data from multiple sources and easily transform them to be able to feed to machine learning or AI algorithms to train models. The generated AI output or insights can be visualized using fully-integrated web-based BI engine, Momentum Insight.

One single platform does it all -- from data ingestion to AI to visualization.


Biztream is a social media analytics platform that enables organizations to build, interpret, and use metrics to gain actionable insights from social media content, uncover customer sentiment, predict customer actions, build a brand, generate sales leads and reach out to potential customers.

Biztream is a socially intelligent solution that turns keywords into magnets to find, engage, and amplify within social media.
Powered by machine learning and AI algorithms.

Momentum Insight

Momentum Insight or mvinsight is a web-based visualization engine to display your insights in the form of dashboards consisting of graphs and charts.

With this fully-integrated visualization tool, you can easily create dashboards from the data in Momentum.

This works stand-alone as well -- connect to external data sources such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Postgres or CSV.