About Us

Accure AI

Accure improves the well-being of cities, companies, hospitals and infrastructure through ready-to-use AI tools that puts super-computing problem-solving capability into the hands of users.

Accure AI provides an ecosystem for companies to adopt and easily deploy AI solutions that have high business values. This ecosystem involving people, process and technology includes:

  1. AI Board of Advisors of industry influencers and thought leaders
  2. Data scientists and engineers from around the globe to solve real-world business problems
  3. Momentum as an AI platform that allows rapid development and deployment of AI solutions
  4. A set of best practices to avoid pitfalls and hassle free deployment of AI solutions

Our Scalable Model to Support Client's AI Needs

We are scaling our expertise of data science, AI solution implementation, industry experience, and consulting services by creating an advisory board comprising of industry members represented by thought leaders and CXOs. The vertical specific advisory groups will identify AI use cases and define best practices for implementation. Our data scientist community will develop training models using Momentum platform. These models can be deployed in production or exported to be used/integrated with other enterprise systems.

We forge best ideas, technology and proven best practices from across our experienced network of leaders to make AI adoption easier, better and cheaper.

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