Succeed with AI without Hiring Data Scientists

You want to become an AI-driven company and implement AI fast. Automated machine learning with Momentum helps you to accelerate AI implementation by leveraging your existing IT staff.

Superfast ETL

UI driven ETL to load and transform multiple formats of data by doing aggregation and joins that may not otherwise be possible by any other ETL system.

No Coding AI and ML

Data scientist and business analyst friendly machine learning and AI implementation to super charge your analysis without writing a single line of program.

Natural Language Processing

Text analytics with sentiment analysis, concept categorization and other NLP algorithms are supported out of the box.

Custom Analytics

Build custom AI solution by extending the platform by implementing a single Java interface without worrying about the complexity of platform specific APIs.

IoT & Realtime AI

High performance stream based analytics suitable for applications such as Internet of Things (IOT) and click stream can be built using UI driven configurable system.


Built-in visualization engine to create dashboard easily. Or, connect other BI tools to Momentum.

Break Data Silos

Aggregate data from all data sources and create data lake.

Accelerated AI

Automated machine learning saves time and cost of AI implementation.

Leverage on Existing Staff

Your existing IT/software staff can be trained to build and deploy AI models - no data science skill required.

Enhance Data Scientists Productivity

Streamline and automate data wrangling to let data scientists stay focused on improving model accuracy.

Empower Analysts

Business analysts can develop domain specific AI solutions and powerful decision support dashboard without depending on IT.

End-to-end AI

Automate end to end from data acquisition, transformation, modeling to insight visualization without paying for addition third party ETL or BI tools.

So how does it work?

Select Model
Select one or more from our ready-to-deploy AI model collection.
Deploy Momentum AI on AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud or docker containers on-premise.
Connect Data
Ingest and easily transform your data to make them ready for the AI.
Execute AI
Run AI either on-demand, in scheduled mode or in realtime on stream based data.
Visualize AI
Visualize using either our Momentum Insight, third party BI, or send to an existing app.